About Scala

At Scala, we passionately empower Tasmanians on their career journey, increasing their potential through meticulously curated programs and workshops. We transform learning into captivating experiences, arming participants with tools for success.

As dedicated guides, we champion the enhancement of capability, confidence, and success for individuals and businesses.

Who is Scala?

As a dynamic and forward-thinking Registered Training Organisation (RTO 60101), Scala has been steadfastly committed to transforming lives through high-quality, personalised vocational education and training (VET) for over a decade.

At the heart of Scala is the vision to be recognised as Tasmania's premier training and development company, a mantle we aspire to earn through unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth.

Derived from Latin, "Scala" is a metaphor for progression, symbolising a "ladder" or a graduated "series of steps." It's a testament to the ascent we enable in your career or personal development, an affirmation of your potential to climb higher, to reach further.




Steve Wiggers

Accredited RTO:



Hobart, TAS

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Our Mission

We aspire to make a profound impact in our community through our training, with a bold vision of impacting the lives of 25,000 Tasmanians by 2025.

Scala Overview

Our Team

Our team is the heartbeat of Scala, embodying our values, driving our innovative practices, and delivering impactful training that brings our mission to life.

Team Member - Steve Wiggers

Steve Wiggers

Managing Director

Team Member - Tracey Warmbrunn

Tracey Warmbrunn

Business & RTO Manager

Kerri-Louise Hooper

Director of Stakeholder Engagement

Team Member - Danielle Hudson

Danielle Hudson

Student Support Leader

Phil Hickey

Product and Facilitator

Team Member - Belinda Gobbey

Belinda Gobbey

Administration & Compliance

Team Member - Adrian Patch

Adrian Patch

Program Designer and Facilitator

Lidija Bicker

Program Designer and Facilitator

Our Values

Values are more than words at Scala, they truly define the culture, behaviours and decisions we make every day.

Enjoying The Journey

We approach our work with an energy that is contagious and empowers everyone we come into contact with.

Always remember to enjoy the journey, the people around you and experiences in life!

Inspire Others

​We challenge people to see things differently and you would be surprised how inspiring people can be as a result.

Challenging assumptions and helping our clients and their teams find more effective ways of operating is something we have become good at.

Constantly Improve

Constant and Never-Ending Improvement (CANI) is embedded deep within Scala's culture.

The world is rapidly changing and we intent to keep ahead of it! ​We are always improving our best practice strategies, influenced by our team, clients and thought leaders around the world.

Exceeding Expectations

We don’t just satisfy client needs, we exceed them.

Every interaction is an opportunity to go above and beyond. We turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Our Philosophy

At Scala, we embody the true essence of our name – growth through a step-by-step approach. Our journey is one of constant progression, as we commit ourselves to creating powerful transformations in the lives of individuals and within organisations.

We believe that every step, no matter how small matters. That’s why we focus on providing dynamic training and development solutions tailored to the unique needs and potential of each individual and organisation we work with.

Through this philosophy, we don't just aim to elevate careers and businesses, but to enhance lives and communities. At Scala, we are not just building careers or businesses - we are building futures, one step at a time.

Connect With Us

Scala delivers high-impact programs for organisations and individuals. Let us know what you have in mind and we can discuss how Scala may be able to support your needs.

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